Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Lawyer Up

It is time for all New Mexico conservation groups to make major new investments in personnel.  And I mean lawyers.  They have to become extremely litigious as our new oil and gas controlled Governor starts ruining our land, air and water protection agencies and laws.

She has started out by stating that she has removed all members of the State Environmental Improvement Board for protecting future generations from green house gas emissions.  She says she will scrap 'pit rules' which protects our ground water.  This will just be the start.  She reminds me of the w. bush's attacks on environmental regs.  He was pretty much stymied over eight years by good attorneys with the law on their side.

Governor Martinez will also face the hard working and honest scientists and public servants in the agencies. Her administration will threaten them with job loss and career ruination. Those scientists will need to be tough. We need to support them in every way.  We will need to bolster Attorney General Gary King to convince him to fight these long term life threatening policies of the new governor.  Land Commissioner Ray Powell will need to show courage and fight her in these industry sponsored moves.  Call him at his office and tell him so.

Send money to your favorite groups to get ready.  Call a career public scientist and say you will stand with them.  We should fight for New Mexico's Landscapes and water supplies.

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