Monday, January 31, 2011

How to Fix the New Mexico State Land Office

Amend the Constitution to do the following:

  • Create a State Land Disposition Board that has veto power over any permanent land disposal or trade by the Commissioner
  • Require that all State Land transactions that affect local governments be subject to at least one public hearing by the land office to receive testimony on local impacts.
  • Require a yearly report and public hearings on the affects of state land transactions and leases on the environment.
  • Make the land office election for Commissioner fully funded by public financing with no political contributions allowed by any industry sponsored groups, companies or individuals.
  • Require that any decision at the Land Office equalize revenue generation considerations with protections of New Mexico's Air, Water and Landscapes. 
These would be relatively non controversial amendments to the almost 100 year old state land office mandates in the New Mexico Constitution.  These reforms will be reviled by the oil and gas industry(the republicans), the real estate industry,  the agricultural and cattle ranching businesses, and the lobbyists that represent them.  Will anyone champion these simple good government reforms?

1 comment:

Rodney said...

"Will anyone champion these simple good government reforms?"

Someone with knowledge of the office, what it does and how its run. Someone with the political savy, the contacts and the time to pursue it. Someone like, oh, maybe Jim Baca? Just saying.