Thursday, January 13, 2011


Yesterday I entered the sixth day of my cold.  I felt okay.  The end stage is here and it is the worst.  Everything moves into the chest.  It is like a relapse but I know I will be doing my hikes again by Sunday.

I hope "Oh Susana" doesn't have a relapse on her effort to cut the ridiculous number of branch colleges around the state.  It is the biggest money waster around and the savings could be significant.  I am with the Governor on this one. Lets see what the legislature does since they are mostly the ones who created this labyrinth of educational overlap.

Gun Sales are up after the violence in Tucson.  Paranoia runs deep.  It is still legal to buy 30 round clips for Glocks.  Just think if someone else was armed at the shooting with a concealed weapon.  You don't need training in Arizona to carry one.  60 rounds available to be discharged before loading.  30 from the bad guy and 30 from the would be protector.  All in a big crowd.  The toll might have been greater.  Paranoia runs deep.

I did not watch the President's eulogy last night in Tucson, but by all media accounts he did well.  Lots of bible reading, but if that helps with the grief then okay. At the same time you look at Sarah Palin's ham-fisted attempt at defending herself and you wonder if she has seen her best days already.  Let us hope so.

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