Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ft. Collins

Bobbi and I drove up to Fort Collins, Colorado on Friday to check in on daughter Noelle and her boy friend Luke.  They moved up a few weeks ago because they could no longer stand the hellish,  polluted, sprawled and generally homogenized city of Phoenix.  They made the right decisions.

I haven't been here since 1966 when I was stationed at Lowry Air Force Base in Denver.  We would drive up here on the weekends to hang out at the campus and watch the girls.  It was a great way to waste time and make us feel like individuals after our training regimes.  Most of my friends were in the Nuclear Weapons or Intelligence schools but I was in the Photo/Cinema Courses.  I remember they separated the weapons guys from the rest of us in the barracks because they  feared some of them would talk in their sleep and reveal secrets.  As silly as the TSP at the airports.

Ft. Collins  is still a nice town.

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