Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lawyer Up---Works

Not long ago I had suggested that the conservation groups concentrate on 'lawyering up' as a way of fighting 'oh Susana's' pogrom on the environment.  Thanks to the New Mexico Environmental Law Center, the Supreme Court has turned back the Governor and her oil and gas donors on their attempt at stopping regulations aimed at protecting our water, air and landscapes.  I am sure this administration will be much more careful with their approach from here on out and the enviros will need to be on guard.

Also, since oil and gas Senator Tim Jennings wants people tested for drugs before they can get unemployment benefits I would suggest that the same process be used for the oil and gas industry who receive taxpayer subsidies.  We could start with the CEO's, Boards, Officers and administrators of the oil corporations.  Also all of the oil field workers and the suppliers.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Dahr Jamail has a piece in Truthout on this, basically summing it up and naming some of her funders.

I don't know why he got interested in this. He's known for his reporting on the Gulf oil spill and before that as an un-embedded reporter in Iraq. If he gets interested in Susana, look out Oh Susana.