Saturday, January 22, 2011

Touche to the Santa Fe New Mexican

The Albuquerque Journal could learn something about Journalism from the Santa Fe New Mexican.  Today they did this story on oil and gas industry tax subsidies.  I had planned on doing this next week but they beat me to the punch.  You probably wont see this story picked up by the Journal because they are in bed with the oil and gas boys in some manner I haven't figured out yet.  Shame on the editors of the Journal for not doing this kind of journalism and instead putting that buffoon Tom Cole on the front page worrying about the legally set Governor's salary.  Just so you know Tom that is set by the legislature and runs for an elected officials full term.  It can't be changed until a new term starts.  At least do your homework.

It is a great thing to see Representative Brian Egolf of Santa Fe ascend to the House Energy Committee's Chairmanship.  He is not afraid to carry through with some tough questions for the 'Oh Susana' administration and its ties to the oil and gas industry.  Just why would she go after film tax credits but not the oil and gas industry?  Well, maybe $900K in campaign contributions is one reason.

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