Friday, January 14, 2011

Cinemark Sucks

These movie theaters in Albuquerque have been going steadily downhill.  Bad popcorn!  Dirty restrooms!  And now withholding movies from us.  Let me explain.  I read all of Stieg Larrson's novels starting with the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo".  Not great literature but really fun reads.  Then Bobbi and I went to see the Swedish produced movies of the first two books of the trilogy.  They were excellent.  But now some idiot at Cinemark says Albuquerque wont get the third installment because they don't think they will make money on it. It is no different than running the first two Lord of the Rings movies and then telling your customers to go screw themselves on the third movie. Never mind that when we went to the first two "dragon" movies the theaters were packed.

However, you will still get to see lots of product commercials at their theater.  There is no escaping it.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Capitalism. Let that free and open market decide. A minority of people in this country agree with Rush Limbaugh, yet he is heard in virtually every market, coast to coast, top to bottom. A substantial majority want single payer health care, yet when our government debates health care, single payer is not an option. It is not even allowed to be on the table. Political discourse in this country is such that these things can't even be talked about, let alone addressed.

But wait. I think your movie might be playing in Tunisia!