Tuesday, January 04, 2011


The first thing out of the box for the new Governor, who was flanked by Albuquerque public safety officer Darren White, is an attack on civil liberties.  They want to force everyone one to give DNA samples if they are arrested for certain crimes.  Even before a trial or decision on whether to prosecute.  Shades of things to come?  Scary!

Today is our first day with out receiving the doorstep delivery of the Albuquerque Journal.  I don't have a problem with it, but maybe I should have asked Bobbi if she was completely okay with it.  Like me she enjoys Leslie Lithicum's work.  We despise the front page editorials camouflaged as news stories.

We had a great trip to Syracuse.  Bobbi got a lot of time with Simon as I did.  I had forgotten how much work these little guys can be.  But worth every moment.  The little guy has the longest fingers!  Maybe a concert pianist?

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Karen said...

Hi Jim - Apologies for using comments as a way to communicate. I see a link to your email on your site (I may have missed it).

Just wanted to let you know that my Oh Fair New Mexico blog (listed in your blogroll) has a new address.

It's the same ol' Oh Fair New Mexico blog, but the new address is: blog.karenfayeth.com

Also, congratulations on your new grandson. He's absolutely adorable! Bobbi looks like a very content gramma in that photo!

Happy New Year!