Thursday, January 06, 2011


The new Governor is dropping the salaries of Cabinet Secretaries coming in to their new jobs.  She is touting that she will pay less than Governor Richardson.  Does this get her the best people for these difficult jobs?  Does it mean that there will be no raises for these new people?  Richardson gave raises along the way to reward hard work.  It is an incentive.  So, why is the new Governor doing this?  I think it is to show people how she has jumped on to the 'hate government workers' bandwagon.  It is the current thing with many right wingers but it is curious since Susanna Martinez has been a government worker most of her career.

She is using that political ideology that she accused the entire Environmental Improvement Board of using when  passing tough air pollution regulations during the Richardson Administration.  She is the one that is really using a right wing ideology.  Do you suppose she ever read these regulations that protect New Mexicans from the polluting practices of the coal, oil and gas industries?  Not a chance.  But those CEOs who bankrolled her said to her, "Trust Us."  Is she showing wisdom in trusting CEO's rather than common New Mexicans who worked hard to pass these regs?

And finally, since the new Governor has fired the food staff at the Governor's Mansion, when the King of Spain comes for a visit will she just throw some taquitos in the microwave?  From Camelot to Dog patch!

 I am still hoping for some brilliance on her part.


Anonymous said...

C'mon Jim. I am sure there are plenty of well qualified chefs in SF who would be willing to work on call for events like that. Including the chef who was canned.

Anonymous said...

it is called 'tongue in cheek', you know...satirical. some folks have no sense of humor!