Friday, January 07, 2011


Just because you walked on the moon and worked as a geologist doesn't mean you are hitting on all cylinders.  Here is a quote from the newly annointed cabinet secretary for the Energy and Natural Resources Department in the Martinez Administration.

"There exists no true concern by the President or Congressional Leadership about the true effects of climate change-only a poorly concealed, ideologically driven attempt to use conjured up threats of catastrophic consequences as a lever to gain authoritarian control of society."

Yes, he really said that on his blog.  I am talking about Harrison Schmitt, former US Senator and Astronaut.  He will be in charge of doing whatever the coal, oil, and gas industries want him to do in his new position.  It is very sad to see those quotes from him.  I remember that after he left the Senate (Bingaman defeated him) that he took a bunch of fathers and sons on a geology field trip near Taos.  My son Justin and I went, and I was thrilled with Schmitt's scientific approach to his subject and the great way he talked to the kids.  But now, he has drifted into the fringe.  It is very sad.

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