Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Money Pit

We had a tough time with one of our beloved cats this week.  On Sunday we couldn't find Ajax.  He did not come in with Hermes the other cat to wake us up for their much loved canned food. (at 5am every day...damn)  I went all around the neighborhood thinking he had been squashed or something, even though they stay inside most of the time.  You pet lovers will recognize that sinking depressed feeling we had.  And then I saw his tail underneath an end table in the living room.  He was just sitting there in a stupor with his tongue hanging out.  I mean this cat was on death's door.  Quick!  Bobbi to the emergency vet on Montgomery Blvd.  I figured he was a goner.

$600 later, one life down, eight to go.  He spent two days there on an IV to replace his fluids and bring down an astronomical fever of 105 degrees. That is really in the danger zones for cats we are told.  The vets were really good there.  Now he is back with us and we still don't know what was wrong.  Just a bad virus or infection.  He is on drugs but back to being himself.  Notice the shaved leg where the IV was placed.  Maybe we should get him a tattoo.  It could show a heart with the words, 'catnip or death.'

While he was gone Hermes learned to climb to the tallest part of the house.  Surveying his domain.


Rodney said...

Only $600? You got off cheap.

Karen said...

Oh no, poor Ajax! Glad he's on the mend. I'm very familiar with that sinking feeling when a pet can't be found.

And vet bills...ay yi yi. I understand! Maybe we can fit pets in under Health Care Reform?