Friday, January 21, 2011


I noticed the new republican sheriff Dan Houston made it onto the front page of the Journal this morning for promoting to Captain the husband of his campaign advisor.  I hope that is what happened on its face, because it is less scary than my other paranoid suspicion that the guy was chosen because he is a born again christian.  His new Captain talked about that in his interview in the paper.  Here is what Houston said of his own campaign victory on his facebook page.

"Thank you for your trust and confidence. What a great VICTORY. It will be good to go to the house of the Lord tonight and give honor and praise to God for what he has done."

I thought the voters gave him a victory.  Not God.  I am pretty sure even some atheists might have voted for him.

There is a giant bond issue on the ballot for the Central New Mexico Community College.  $70 million.  That isn't chump change, but I will vote for it.  In the meantime I want to make sure that none of it is used to open a new south valley campus for CNM.  At a time when budgets are tight and the wisdom of the state's plethora of branch colleges are rightfully under attack, this seems like a really naive thing to do.  So, don't do it.  If someone can't get themselves  from the south valley to the CNM campus then they should find other alternatives.

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Samantha Bousliman said...

From Samantha Bousliman, Executive Assistant to the President, Central New Mexico Community College

The full project list for the CNM Local Bond includes no new construction or new campuses. Each project is a renovation to existing buildings many of which are in desperate need of improvements to classroom technology, create energy efficiency, and infrastructure improvements. These renovations are designed to reduce operating costs associated with running over 15 existing buildings.

Thank you for discussing this important issue!