Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Both Sides?

I keep scratching my head wondering why most media people say that the rhetoric on 'both sides' needs to be controlled.  Isn't it the corporate far right that is controlling rightwing radio talk show hosts?  Isn't it Roger Ailes and crew that controls 24 hour a day unfair and unbalanced news at Fox?  Isn't it Rupert Murdoch controlling way to many newspapers editorial pages?

Locally, I don't see any evidence of liberals controlling the editorial page at the Albuquerque Journal.  Or the hate talk at KKOB radio.  This is one of those examples of how the media can rewrite what has happened in reality.  It is amazing really but something we must live with.

Speaking of the Journal, we have gone 10 days without home delivery now.  I am reading it for free at coffee shops and other sundry places.  I got a letter from them yesterday saying they want me back and touting a special 90 day offer, which as far as I could tell was the normal subscription price.  As much as I love 9 Chickweed Lane and Dilbert I am still not feeling withdrawal pains from reading this failing newspaper.

I am happy to see the New Mexico Environmental Law Center pushing back against the oil and gas operated Martinez administration.  They  have gone to court to get regulations protecting our states land, water and air from "oh Susana's" illegal suspensions.  I give the Center money because they have good attorneys.  Donate to them here.


Rodney said...

Fortunately, all the really good comics are easily obtainable online. Unfortunately, the coupon for a round of golf with cart, range balls and lunch at Sierra del Rio for $39.95 can only be found in the paper.

Anonymous said...

Bumber sticker I saw that nails it: The media is only as liberal as it's conservative owner.

Cheers, Mi3ke