Monday, January 10, 2011

Prayer Again

The National Rifle Association says it is praying for Representative Giffords. (It funded her opponent last year)  The Tea Party says it is praying for her too.  Rightwing congressmen are saying she needs our prayers even after funding extremist candidates against  her. Everywhere I look people are saying she needs prayers.  Pray, Pray, Pray.  Remember that definition of prayer?  "How to say your helping with out really doing anything."

I think civil actions are required more than prayer right now.  First up are Arizona's silly gun laws that allows unfettered access and carrying concealed weapons with no permitting system.  Would that have  helped in this case?  Maybe.  Maybe not. But toughening up those gun laws would send a message.

I think outraged citizens might want to call the media corporate bosses and insist they tell their nut job talk show hosts to ratchet it down about 500%, at least.  And I mean really dog those media bosses and name names.  Violent rhetoric might make revenues, but we can let them know we will hold them accountable.  It does work.

And we all should realize there are good public officials in Arizona, here and there.  Sheriff Dupnik in Pima County is one example who was not afraid to state some truths about what is happening in that state.  He is the opposite of that other Sheriff in Maricopa county who never met an immigrant he liked.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

That nails it. You really should be writing editorials somewhere. Like the Washington Post or La Journada.

I don't know about these little papers, like the Journal or the Alibi. A lot of times they won't hire anybody who's better than they are, who knows more. You know, who'll show them up.

You might have to move to Washington or Mexico City though. You'd have take a lot of green chilies with you.