Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Care?

Does anyone really care that the New Mexico State Legislature will begin 60 days of work at noon today?  In the grand scheme of things I would say no.  Of course the lobbyists, the regulated, the contractors, the unions and other special interest groups will be entrenched up there, but by and large the average citizens will not follow this process at all.  It is just not all that intriguing to them.  They could care less who the next Speaker of the House will be.

People will pretty much stay slightly interested with what "Oh Susana" is doing in her first few months as Governor, but not because of the legislature.  It is because she is new and interesting.  They will lose that interest fast if she doesn't chuck her campaign mode and be a leader.  A smile from her on TV now and then would help.  (I wish I had done that more in my career)

And if anyone thinks the Tea Party is a sophisticated political group then try to figure out  how they have railed against the possibility of a coalition in the House where some democrats and republicans make a deal to control the speakership.  The Tea Party says no way should that happen.  They would rather have no power than a shared power.

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