Friday, April 18, 2014

A Plan of Action

One senses that the word 'urgency' can not be defined by the Governor's Office, Mayor's Office, or the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce.  Do you sense any urgency out of these groups when it comes to the meltdown of the economy in the Land of Enchantment?  I sure don't.  I don't see it because all of the people who are supposed to be working on growing our economy are still in their jobs after four years of worse and worse news.  Of course the latest job loss figures are disastrous as our unemployment rates continue to climb while the states that surround us are all gaining jobs.

We urgently need a plan of action.  But who will come up with it in the leaderless and laid back administrations of Governor Martinez, Mayor Berry, and Chamber honcho Teri Cole.   Have they all even been in the same room together to discuss such a plan?  My bet is that they haven't actually done a planning session together.  And I am quite sure the state legislature and city council of Albuquerque just sit on the sidelines chuckling about the incompetence, not realizing they are also a major component of failure.

This economic situation truly is frightening to me as a life long resident of New Mexico.  I have been involved in Journalism and Politics for 35 years and have never seen things this bad.  I get the sense that no one is really in charge of fixing things.  The current political structure and business community seem stuck in some sort of mind fog where they don't know which direction they are to go.  And now all energies on the state level will go into the elections.  The city will be mired in APD lawsuits and repercussions.  

And we will just have to wait in disbelief as things fall apart around us!


Anonymous said...

This was predicatable. People have no idea how fast we are spiraling downward. Look at AZ's recent history with what happened in their government and all of the legal drama that played out and the effects on their economy.

The difference between AZ and NM is that we have a great community in NM of civic-minded citizens who are ready to unite. It will be our only salvation and it's important that we do it right.

Anonymous said...

It's Albuquerque. Nobody gives a shit. We're the honey-badger of the Southwest.