Wednesday, April 02, 2014


When will the other shoe drop?  Who knows?  I am referring to the cause of death of the suspect who allegedly shot the K-9 police dog in a parking lot.  The suspect is dead.  The cause of death is still not made public by anyone.  How long will the media be obstructed in finding out what really happened in this case?  And, will anyone find out where the Mayor was for eight days during the great APD meltdown?  If it truly is a highly personal health related issue, or just a family vacation, shouldn't they just say so and provide a little explanation?

I have to say that the Albuquerque Journal reporters have done an excellent job of covering the APD story.  The work has been like that old time journalism that we used to enjoy out of that publication.  Even the editor has let them do their work.  As for the TV stations, they have risen to the occasion too.  There is nothing better that police in riot gear to get their blood up.  But, don't look for any heavy and meaningful followups from them.  Just lots of reruns of tear gas clouds.

Here are a couple of photos from my days as a riot chaser while at Channel 7 during the student unrest over the Viet Nam War in the early 70's.  I am the photographer behind the flower child.  I believe the photo was taken by onetime APD offer Mark Bralley.

Our cameras were larger in those days.  16mm sound on film cameras with heavy batteries.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jim for keeping the disappearance of Mayor Berry for 8 days on the front burner. The local media asked Berry once about this and his response was to basically tell them not to ask again. Then the local media just let it go. Are these people really journalists? Had this been any other town the media would have been all over him about why he disappeared from Albuquerque on March 16 (the day Boyd was killed) and did not resurface until March 24. His staff told KOB 4 that he was in Brazil. This was a lie. Berry says don't ask him it's personal! Not when your mayor and these 8 days have been the worse the city has seen in years. Where was Berry? Did the taxpayers pay for a Brazil trip that was never used? Who was with Berry? Why didn't he come back to Albuquerque prior to Chief Eden's "Justified" press conference? Who was in charge while he was gone (the answer to this one is nobody)? Did Perry know where he was? Did City Council President Sanchez know he was gone?

Any other town would be on this, it is a huge story. Remember Mark Sanford hiking the Appalachian Trail (South Carolina Governor). The media didn't buy his BS and found he was in Argentina with his mistress. So come on Journal, Joles, Fernandez, Knifing etc. Get into this game and investigate the missing 8 days of Richard Berry. We all deserve and demand to know.

Anonymous said...

This isn't related to your blog today but since you labeled it Misc. I thought I would submit it as food for thought. BTW, great blog! I love it when politicians show they care. If we had more "old guys" like you leading this country, it would have been in much better shape today. But there's always tomorrow and the younger generations to make a difference....

And if any of you still think the BS stops at Berry, here is the result of the scam Martinez pulled on us and the mental health agencies in NM. Remember she called them fraudulent, shut them down without due process and turned over all business to this AZ company. You'd think she would have respected the law given her legal background, or maybe that's why she disrespected it. Way to go for outsourcing business when our economy is hurting so bad! And way to go for disrupting the lives of the mentally ill with your decision. Who do you really represent, Governor? It’s not the citizens. This well-written article is the history and the result of your decision. All the mental health workers who are trying to help the mentally ill are taking a pay cut.

Here’s another well-written article by someone who understands unity and integrity and apparently is owned by no one.

And here’s his new home. I don’t know him, never heard of him prior to today but I like him already!