Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Other Things

Golf, trips to the shooting range, and many errands this week.  Yes, I actually went to the shooting range today with my old friend Lee Otteni and had a good time.  No, we don't have assault rifles.  Just old fashioned bolt action hunting rifles with scopes.  I have had a .270 caliber scoped JC Higgins rifle with a Mauser action since I was in high school.  After some fiddling with a scope I was hitting 3 foot square sized targets at 300 yards.  I didn't think I could do that anymore.

I have no desire to hunt anymore, but the marksmanship is still fun.  Kind of like hitting the perfect golf shot.  Just something to keep one sharp.

On the way back to Albuquerque we were talking about APD's latest shooting.  Without judging the latest incident, death by bullets of a teenage girl by APD, we decided we just couldn't really understand the fact that someone who is 18 and a young woman could get herself into such a position.  She had minor run ins with the law and maybe she did steal a car.  But did she deserve to be chased down on city streets and killed up against a cinder block wall?

This continued hail of bullets is killing more than people.  It is killing our city.


Anonymous said...

I am sick in my heart to see what is happening in ABQ. If all these killings were justified would it not be a good idea to get the lapel camera footage out to the public ASAP to prove to all that APD was in the right? The fact that they manipulate and delay the footage does not bode well for the Mayor and APD. The 2nd Redwine footage recently released was such an insult to the public. Their actions/inactions speak volumes, and it is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I too am concerned about the number of shootings but I think passing judgement on the most recent is premature. If it turns out she did have a gun, then she made a terrible choice that left the officer with no other options.

New Mexican said...

I worked for Lee, many, many years ago in Tres Piedras, give him my best next time you see him.

Anonymous said...

Check out the APD recruiting site-- looks and sounds like the military http://www.apdonline.com -- they could use some help there.