Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Hope Springs Eternal

The republicans in the US Senate give us hope.  They blocked passage of equal pay for women legislation this morning via threatened filibuster.  They give me hope that all is not lost in keeping the Senate Democratic.

So, the question that occurs to me is one of Susana Martinez's support from the same powers in the GOP that see it important to keep women's earning power at a disadvantage with men.  Sure, she will say she thinks the playing field needs to be leveled, but she is taking money from these same GOP right wingers.  And now using it on TV ads that are nothing more than unbelievable masquerades on reality in New Mexico.

I take heat for saying that money always gives an advantage over grass roots efforts.  80% of the time it does.  Not good odds.  But with dunderhead votes to devalue half the population maybe the one in five odds now look good for us.  Let's hope so.


Anonymous said...

What many citizens still don’t understand is that the corruption is not only in the police department. It trickles down all the way to the person who answers the phone in any department. They just flat out lie. Don’t trust anything they say and verify anything that they tell you. Every time you have contact with them, it’s necessary to record the phone call, which is perfectly legal and easy enough to do now with recording software included on cell phones and PC software. And by the way, it is the same management style at the state. Martinez and Berry are no different. I feel so bad for those employees who are in the trenches and KNOW what is going on. They either conform or they are ultimately terminated. It’s a hard choice when you have to feed your family.

And Martinez’ ad is a joke. As to be expected, she was dressed in her Grandma Susana style for this ad. Anyone who can’t see through how empty of substance that ad was is not only blind but deaf and dumb too! If she gets reelected, the same thing that is happening to Berry right now will happen to Martinez. Truth wins ultimately. Someone needs to start an Eye on New Mexico and ride Martinez’s ass like the Eye does with Berry.

It doesn’t matter what the DOJ says. Many people know the corruption and crisis is rooted in a much bigger problem. The root of this crisis in NM are the ones who are funding Martinez and Berry. They have a much bigger plan for NM and if they succeed, things will get much worse for us. And if you think I’m wrong:

1) Monitor what happens to our economy. This economy is already starting to crumble as Joe Monahan and many others are pointing out.

2) The services that we pay for with our taxpayer dollars are being eliminated or reduced. Look at what Martinez did with the false allegations of fraud of the NM companies then turned all of their business over to an AZ company that has just cut the salaries of the social service workers.

3) And the loathing these people have for the citizens of NM that don’t contribute to the tax base and need services. They are creating a police state where they will kill a homeless man, make false allegations about whether a gun was in hand-Redwine, not to mention the millions of dollars that are being paid out due to the loss of lawsuits among other behavior patterns.



And my final thought, I also would like to thank the really incredible people that reside in NM that are rising from their sleep and realizing what is happening. With a sense of justice and integrity, we will ultimately succeed in destroying this evil that has permeated our state.

Anonymous said...

And for those of you still skeptical about the power of truth over money, Millenials, justice and social media, perhaps you haven’t heard of Pussy Riot and their effect on Putin and Russia. They are on Charlie Rose today at 6pm on the PBS 9.1 free tv channel. You can also view the video once Charlie puts it on his website at It should be up in the next few days.


Bubba Muntzer said...

The grassroots people are right, of course. Meanwhile, while we wait for that, our lives are that much less than they would be if not for the politicians doing the bidding of those with the deep pockets, the myriad of boards and commissions they appoint, and the judges the appoint, the rules and regulations they write, such as the tax code we all are under that was written by business for business and has left we the people footing virtually the entire bill for all of government, with money we could have used to take a vacation or got our kids something, and the list goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

Millenials, you have the power and the energy to take on this task. With your persistence, we will make Albuquerque and NM a better place. Utilize your social media and technical skills and you will succeed. I support you!

And Mr. Baca, could you please consider getting back into politics? We desperately need someone like you to take the radicals on that are destroying this state. I think you would get the support and energy from the Millenials. Together with your political saavy and their technical saavy, social media skills and energy, it’s a powerful force that will conquer the puppet masters with the money behind Martinez and Berry.

I’m posting this a second time asking for you to reconsider publishing it since I’m not sure why you didn’t post it the first time. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to voice my opinion.

And to Bubba, why wait? Participate.

Jim Baca said...

Not running for office again in this lifetime.

Donald F Schiff said...

I can't say that I blame you, Jim. :-)