Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Journal

The Albuquerque Journal was reluctant to do much about the Mother Jones expose on Governor Susan.  They put the story at the bottom of the front page despite its noteworthiness.  But at least they did the story grudgingly.  They seemed to have to identify Mother Jones magazine as a 'politically liberal' publication.  They have never seemed to use the words 'right leaning foundation' when they open their oped pages on a daily basis to the Rio Grande Foundation whose main job it is to promote climate denial and right wing agendas for the oil and gas boys.

But there is something the Journal should follow up on, and that is the fact that Martinez was using the DA's office in Las Cruces to run the license plates of people they suspected of attending campaign events with cameras and sound recorders to document foot in mouth moments from the candidate.  As Lawrence Rael's campaign has pointed out, this may be illegal.  Will the Journal ask the question?


Anonymous said...

I think the Journal left out the part about Harvey Yates' criticisms of Martinez, which come primarily from the Downs deal. Whatever one might think of Harvey and his wealth from oil and gas, he's not cut from the same cloth as Martinez and her advisors. Critical comment coming from him, however, hardly makes the MJ article a "desperate," liberal attack, as she tried to spin it this morning. I wonder if some enterprising reporter could lay his hands on the ten-page letter Yates wrote to Martinez?

Anonymous said...

If the Feds don't investigate the abuse of NCIC and Tasergate then nothing will ever change in Albuquerque and New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Liberals in NM have failed to rally an effective base in spite of NM being so poor and mismanaged. Republicans win because they get out the fear vote. Democrats lose because they won't really embrace a populist message, for fear of offending big donors. I have Hispanic neighbors who voted for Martinez because of "immigrants" and "welfare", which does not include their own gov't pensions and perks, of course. They voted for people who despise and ridicule them in private, and could care less about them as human beings.
To overcome fear and tribalism we need a real economic and social justice message and the Dem's will never do that. So here we are, welcome to NewMexistan.