Thursday, April 17, 2014

Quick, Don't Fire Anyone

The latest Mother Jones article on Governor Susana (aka Susan) Martinez and the debacle at the Albuquerque Police Department  under Mayor Richard Berry points out one more thing about their tenure.  They are unable to fire incompetents from their staffs and cadre of department heads.  Probably, the reason for this is that those minions just know too much of the background of how they came to power and what  happened since then.

Of course, it is nearly impossible to fire other public employees even if they deserve it.  But now that seems to have drifted over into the exempt positions as well.  Many of those exempt job holders now also sue the government if they lose their jobs.  They will claim to be whistle blowers as an entrance to the courts and the taxpayer billfold.  Some times it is true.  Many times it is not.

But, if anyone ever needed to be fired it was the APD Police Chief under Berry and more than a few of the young, and now apparently racist, minions of the Governor.  The fact that one of her people thought it important to restate that former Speaker of the House Ben Lujan was a 'retard' for his spanish accent would have caused any competent leader to fire that person on the spot.

The Governor and Mayor of Albuquerque need to clean up their houses.  They appear at this point to be hoarders who just can't get rid of the rubbish.

And finally, a comment about the news coverage of the Mother Jones article.  Everyone did a great job of it, but not KRQE TV.  After the great work they have done on the APD story they completely ignored the Martinez expose.  I was flabbergasted when I turned on their 4:30PM news to see the lead story.  A dozen dead bees were found on a sidewalk in the northeast heights.  Film, interviews, real video not shot from an iPhone.  Some one at the station is protecting the Governor and it is time for them to fire a few producers who call the shots. 


Anonymous said...

Maybe Taser will do what Berry could not, Fire Ray Schultz!

Anonymous said...

if anyone takes a few minutes to read the Han family compliant, they will read that:
1. Paul Kennedy was appointed to the Gov's transition team a few days before Ms. Han's death,
2. Darren White was also appointed to the Gov's transition team and campaigned publicly for her,
3. White is good friends with KRQE producer, Paul Burt,
4. as of the afternoon of Ms. Han's death on Nov 18, 2010, KRQE broadcast that police "don't think anybody killed her"

The family of Ms. Han has been saying this all along and has made the connection -- we haven't been paying close enough attention

Anonymous said...

I was a little surprised at your comment about cleaning houses.

You are the company you keep. Did you and do you surround yourself with individuals that don't have the same philosophical bend? They surround themselves with like-minded people which is why the only hope for this city and state is that they are removed as soon as possible.

And for Martinez re: the retard comment, either you are too weak as a leader to correct someone who speaks so ignorantly within your tight community or you are a hypocrite and use your sister’s condition to your political advantage.

Anonymous said...

Its not that Berry in unable to fire incompetence, it is that he actually hires incompetence. Berry surrounds himself with Republican hacks, and keeps people out of some sense of loyalty. His hirees of incompetence include Darren White, Rob Perry, TJ Wilham, Dana Garvey, David Toureck and Gordon Eden. Leslie Linthicum's Up Front Journal article "Double Takes On Mayor and APD" really shows the hypocrisy of Berry and what people bought into. For over ten month's Berry opponents told the truth about APD, our city and economy, but no one listened, no one cared, no one believed and no one voted. As the saying goes, politics is all about timing.

Vicki said...

I agree with you, Jim. Subordinates don't get fired when they should be because of two main reasons: 1. they hold power over their superior (knowledge of something destructive to the superior) and 2. the superior lacks competence/expertise in their position and the subordinate is absolutely necessary for the superior to function. I believe both are at work here.