Friday, April 04, 2014

Up North


Bubba Muntzer said...

That's very nice, and so interesting on several levels. The minimalist tendency, the aesthetic beauty overall and of the various elements, the evoking of horizons and silent landscapes and all of that, the way the horizontal sections of alternating land and pavement are arranged under the big sky, the opposing sections of sky and grass at the bottom, and the way everything is in relation to the tree.

The tree.

Mostly of course it's interesting because of your trademark way of seeing, I think of it as, or as I try to explain it in what I guess is my one person campaign to promote your art, to figure it out. I've commented on how you arrange elements in unconventional ways. I think I've used the word "bold." This one is that but different than that.

As I look around my apartment I have a number of pretty good paintings and photographs on the walls. They are in different genres but they use a set of fairly conventional techniques to achieve their ends - of visual harmony and of evoking things in the unconscious. There's a focal point, sometimes more than one, and the eye is drawn to them, around the picture, and to it, or them, again. The conscious mind takes it all in while the unconscious takes a little trip of its own. Human perception works in such a way that we are probably more comfortable within familiar categories.

The tree. You have to take it into account.

It's not only over there, off center, but it's in contrast in a number of ways. It's a different kind of visual element than all the rest.

There's the frame, that is, the picture, and you can see the tree as part of it, or you can just see another picture. Which would be the tree, the other elements, and everything that's not in the picture.

How did you escape the fold? I wish more artists saw things like you do.

Anonymous said...

The editors and owner of the Albuquerque Journal reached a new low in reporting today, April 6. In their page long blame game for what has gone wrong at APD everyone is tossed under their bus, well except the guy who has been mayor the last five years, Richard Berry.

These shooting that have brought Albuquerque national shame and a long visit from the Department of Justice started in 2010. Who was mayor? Richard Berry. Yet none of that matters to the Journal editors and owner. They continue to point the blame at all others and hold Berry up as our savior.

The Journal owner and editors need to look at themselves in the mirror and ask why are they printing a newspaper if they refuse to demand accountability from their favorite mayor.

Berry owns the majority of this problem. He created this mess when he kept Ray Schultz as chief. Let me say this again, the first person in the line of blame is Richard Berry. The second is the Albuquerque Journal Editorial staff and owners who refuse to come out and say that Berry is at fault.

One of the problems is Albuquerque is a newspaper that has vacated it's responsibility in favor of political friends who give them large contracts. My subscription to the Journal ended this morning.


Anonymous said...

Rumors place Berry at the Journal offices last week. What was he doing there? Probably damage control and "boom" here it is. There is such a thing as responsible journalism but the Albuq Journal doesn't have any ethics much less responsibility. Shocking, shaming and disgusting. My subscription ended two years ago and I don't believe I have missed anything except frustration.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't any of the media finding out where Berry was from March 16 (boyd killing) until March 24 (first big protest).

Berry's staff lied and said he was in Brazil. Berry will only say a personal spring break vacation.

Can anyone shine the light of day on this missing 8 days that have ruined Albuquerque for years to come?