Friday, April 04, 2014


Did you happen to notice how slow off the line some of our elected officials were in regards to APD's shooting sprees?  First Mayor Berry and the city council are silent.  Then, as even the Albuquerque Journal expresses frustration with good hard journalism, they all break into a frenzy of news releases.  The latest to join was Attorney General Gary King.  As the state's chief law enforcement officer he should have been the first person out of the blocks as the body count started ratcheting up in the Duke City.  But not until after the US Justice Department announces it is all in, does King decide after years of sitting on the sidelines to get involved.

It is frustrating to see an honest and well meaning guy like Gary King be such a laggard.  Of course his style is one of being laid back.   That doesn't work for a leader.  If you think it does then just look at the pickle that Mayor Berry finds himself in.

Speaking of difficult predicaments, how is it that no one has been demoted for letting this get out of hand?  Should  CAO Rob Perry's big pay raise be rescinded due to his not being in control of the cop shop?  Or is no one in a position of responsibility going to see any discipline?


Anonymous said...

I have supported both Gary and his father many times over the years. But will not support Gary further. He sure was all over the horse slaughter plant plan from the get go. I think that was politically motivated. He should have been the first to question the extreme number of police killings in Albuquerque. I have not been impressed by Gary as attorney general. His time, if ever there was one, has passed. I am still up in the air as to whom to go for in the governors race. I will wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Your got it right with respect to Rob Perry and his $35,000 raise. Berry submitted his budget on April 1. The City Council can now go in an slash Perry's raise as well as all the other 10% to 15% raises given to the Department heads and not fund the salary increases in the Mayor's Officer Budget. Also included would be the $25,000 increase in salary being given to Gordon Eden. But this would take courage from the Democrat majority.

Anonymous said...

What this city and state need are leaders who aren’t tied too closely to either party and will just do what’s in the best interest of the citizens. Both Albuquerque and NM need leaders, regardless of political affiliation, that have the ability to crisis manage, since we are in a state of crisis. They should lead with strong values of integrity, justice and truth. Both ABQ and NM are pathetically lacking in these areas, which is why we are rated at the bottom of every bad statistic. Our reputation precedes us. Who would want to do business with or live in an environment like that? I suggest only those of the same cloth, which is what we have today. You are the company you keep and we continue to attract those of that cloth and spiral downward because of it.

The first action of a real leader would then be to send out a letter to all employees letting them know the expectations in values of integrity, justice and truth so they could start to change the MO in each of their employees’ daily decisions that they make throughout the day. I suggest it would be a culture shock, but that may be exactly what this city and state need.

This state of affairs the citizens have to live with is the worst I have ever seen in my life. The values are deplorable. And the leaders of values, the religious organizations, have been utterly silent, making sure not to offend any of their donors. Pathetic!

No matter what age, no matter what sex, no matter what ethnicity, no matter what party you belong to, if you have values, consider running. I’d support and vote for you!

Anonymous said...

"Leaders" in Albuquerque? Right, they'll be found just like new economic opportunities. Like lower crime. Like honest politicians Like integrity in city hall. Like objectivity in that paper. Please. It's all a joke.