Wednesday, April 16, 2014


That long awaited Mother Jones article hit the streets today.  It is a pretty revealing and accurate rap sheet on the real Governor Susana Martinez and her frat boys advisors.  Will it make any difference in the run up to the election?  Don't hold  your breath because all of the money she has will paint over it.


Latina from Nuevo Mexico said...

Respectfully, I disagree. If this were the only "gotcha" against Susan, then she and her campaign cash could paint over it. However, the Associated Press lawsuits are looming and they aren't going anywhere much as she and her attorney, Paul Kennedy, would like. Speaking of Mr. Kennedy - there is still the lawsuit filed by the Han family against the City. The timing of Ms. Han's death coincides with Susan's appointment of Mr. Kennedy for the transition team.

I use the name Susan because that is the name she used while a DA in Las Cruces. "Susana" is the creation of Jay McCleskey.

Anonymous said...

Not much there in article that has not already been thought and said about Denish by others even in her own party. What was revealing and surprising was Martinez did not object to "retard" comment about Lujan given her ethnicity and her sisters condition and they way she uses her sister as a political prop mostly for sympathy. Otherwise, article was rehash of National Journal article. Jay McClusky and Darren White hopefully will be indicted one day over Dirty Downs Deal. Notice how Martinez surrounds herself with a bunch of young, white, right wing conservatives, no Hispanics, that tell her what she wants to hear and are riding her star? Lets hope the star will burn out soon for the sake of our country.

Anonymous said...

As a reader of both articles, I was not surprised by the words spoken by a politician - if anything I like having a tough as nails leader - what disappointed me was the cold tone used by the Gov. about people who stood in her way. I was also disappointed that she doesn't see the need for equal treatment of women and the need to pursue equal rights. I was also bothered by her TX twang when she speaks in private that she manages to lose when she is in public.