Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Double Standard

Okay, everyone made a big deal about the idiot who showed up at the APD protest carrying an assault  rifle.   Yes, he is an idiot.  I am betting the conservative wackos see this one guy as representing all of the protestors.  Certainly, it gave the over his head Police Chief some grist for the mill. But there are guns stores in this town that specialize in selling assault rifles and no one says a thing.  There are paranoids in the movie theater sitting next to  your kids packing a Glock.  No one says a thing.  I was eating at a golf course grill the other day and one of the diners had a pistol packed in his waistband.  I finished my huevos quickly and left before someone was offed for sandbagging.

Life is to short.

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Anonymous said...

The only reason that Perry and Eden had to bring up the AK was as a justification to use the tear gas against the protestors. They didn't have a reason to use the gas but they created one. I wouldn't be surprised if that "protestor" wasn't a plan by the city.