Tuesday, April 08, 2014

In the Mayor's Head

It is not an easy job being a Mayor.  Mostly you are not given a lot of compliments because local government is so accessible to the citizens.  So they normally tell you what is wrong rather than what is right.  As a Mayor I rarely got a compliment like, "Hey, thanks for efficiently picking up the garbage every Thursday and thanks for delivering water that is clean!  Good Job!"

No, it was usually, "Why can't you fix the potholes in my alley you worthless SOB!"  But, that is just the way it is when you exist as a Mayor.  You have to be able to stand up to it no matter how unpleasant it is.

That is why I can't understand why some advisor would tell the Mayor to 'run away' from the APD venting session at the City Council meeting last night.  It looks like a cowardly thing to do to many people.  I think Mayor Berry could have shown up at the beginning of the meeting to say a few words and then quietly removed himself.  Yes, it would have been difficult to endure but that comes with the  difficult job of being Mayor.

It is not to late for Berry to get some decent advisors on board and staff up with some folks who are not politically driven on every single issue. 


Anonymous said...

Maybe Berry had a prior engagement in Brazil? With the local lame media we will never know.

Anonymous said...

Berry is no leader!

He didn’t even have enough respect for the citizens to attend the meeting last night. He always hides when a leader should lead. He lied to us again, saying he spent all day talking to concerned citizens, which is why he couldn’t attend. Mayor, did you forget that you did the ribbon-cutting ceremony that was reported on the 5:00 news? There you go again. Thinking the citizens are stupid and that we won’t find out that you are still doing your old-style PR campaign, doing TV time, rather than LEADING this city.

He never accounted for the 8 missing days that WE PAID FOR. If he can’t account for something as simple as 8 days, how can he account for the budget or leading this city?

He blames everyone else for why this city is in crisis and manipulates the media with their propaganda as evidenced by the who-even-reads-it-anymore Journal.
Regardless of what the DOJ report says, RECALL BERRY!

Anonymous said...


I don’t know who created the video at this link, but this art says so much about the changing times.

1) Leaders can no longer think that they can manipulate the media and the citizens with their propaganda.

2) Millenials are very savvy and they can create their own media and communicate it to the world in much shorter times than any news media outlet for virtually free. Traditional media isn’t even viewed by them and has less credibility than their social network’s media.

3) They are instantaneously networked because of social networking.

4) They hold the future in their hands. They have the power and energy to change the world like never before. If they are strong in their values and unite, they will make the world a better place than it was before they were born.

If they demand Justice, Truth, Respect, Integrity and Leadership they will succeed. Fight the good fight!


Oh men!! este es un buen articulo, muy bueno.

Yo no se quien creo el video del link, pero dejenme decirles que ese arte dice mucho acerca de los tiempos de cambio.

1) Los lideres de esta comunidad no deben seguir pensando en que pueden manipular los medios y a la sociedad con su basura de propaganda.

2) Los millennials son muy inteligente. Pueden crear sus medios de información y comunicarla al mundo en muy poco tiempo que cualquier otro medio y es prácticamente gratis. Los medios tradicionales ya nadie los ve, y cada vez tienen menos credibilidad que las redes sociales.

3)Es increible que instantaneamente estes conectado por las redes sociales.

4) Los millennials tienen el futuro en sus manos. Tienen y tenemos el poder y energia de cambiar el mundo como nunca antes, SI LOS JOVENES TIENEN VALORES FUERTES, PODRAN HACER DE ESTE MUNDO UN MEJOR LUGAR PARA VIVIR, MEJOR QUE EN EL QUE ELLOS NACIERON.

Si ellos demandan Justicia, Verdad, Respeto, Integridad y Liderazgo que tendrán éxito. Pelea la buena batalla!

Asi que adelante, vayan y luchen por su futuro, es de ustedes, ustedes los crearan y formarán.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous has just come out with their latest 9 minute instructional video on how to protest this weekend.

It’s rock, paper, scissors. Cameras, guns, words.

You figure out who ultimately wins.

And to Berry and Martinez, no matter how much money is funding your propaganda machine, cameras and truthful words win. The times are a changing!


Anonymous said...

Lots of good feeling stuff in these comments, but also a little naive in thinking money doesn't stand up against truth.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how many decades you've been alive. I can tell you I've lived enough decades to know and have seen first hand that truth survives money. Do your research. One blatant example, Madoff. There's a lot more.

Are we at the end of a corrupt and materialistic society and the beginning of a new era of civic-minded and a caring society? If the millenials have their way, YES! Do your research on the millenials too if you don't understand them. I suspect they are the ones behind Anonymous. These are not stupid people.

90% of the TOTAL US population are disgusted with congress, and that's at the federal level.

This society is ripe for a change for the better. I'm not a millenial in age but I sure am in spirit!

Anonymous said...

And if you want to comprehend their entire theme, stay tuned to their media channel which you can find here:


Anonymous said...

So Berry names a new "old" deputy chief at APD to oversee reforms.

How out of touch with the city is this guy? He puts an old timer, ex-APD insider to change the culture. This is going to get a lot worse for APD and the mayor.

Anonymous said...

Berry's head is empty. It is a lonely place.