Sunday, April 06, 2014


The Protection rackets are alive and flourishing at the Editor's Office of the Albuquerque Journal.  We still don't know where the Mayor was during the week of the Boyd killing.  This lack of transparency on both the Mayor's part and the Editor's part can only make one suspicious.  And today the editor did an opus editorial on the APD killings and the names Mayor Berry for the most part and Chief Schutlz were never used.  How can we trust our only daily newspaper?  Darth Editor has taken over.  The Berry and Martinez administration have their enforcer.

And why can't anyone tell us how the man who shot the police dog was killed?  Where is the media on this?  Why no explanations?  If the police killed him, does that fact he shot an animal make it okay to ignore how he died?  Once again, should we assume the media is protecting someone?  Just let us know what happened.  This whole thing has been buried deep.  And probably on purpose.  But, it is hard to tell since no one is telling.


Anonymous said...

With 37 police shootings, the only one where Berry releases a complete recording results in mass protests, exposes the city's police force as a national disgrace, exposes Apd's chief and city's CAO ad incompetent boobs, confirms our DA as being worthless and further sends our economy down the drain....imagine what the other 36 show....!! And oh yeah, none of this lands on Berry on Schultz.

Anonymous said...

Where's the Journal's "flash" poll on MIA Berry and his job performance? Why was one not included with APD's or maybe it was but not published? The Journal no doubt is doing a lot of damage control for MIA Berry with its editorials and articles before it takes a poll on Berry.

Not mentioning Schultz at all in the editorial was negligence at best but typical and predictable.

When is the Journal and Berry going to stop blaming Chavez? Berry has now been Mayor four and half years, but they still blame Chavez. Its Berry's APD. The so called "rush to hire" was for one hundred cops, or 10% of the then existing force, and Schultz hired and trained them the way he wanted them trained. "Its the training, stupid, no the hire."

APD has been destroyed by Berry, Perry, Schultz, Banks and Eden. Its going to be one long 3 and a half years.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who wants to watch the home values go down due to the incompetent and corrupt leadership can view them here.

March stats are coming soon.