Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The Albuquerque Journal's Michael Coleman has done an outstanding job on the excesses of the nation's so called Homeland Security Agency.  The waste of money and organization of a near police state arising from the bush/cheney administration and abetted by the Obama White House  is frightening.  It is time to put an end to it.  While I am an Obama supporter, this failure to reign in this growing 'big brother' bureacracy is a loser for him.

After 9/11 when I was Mayor and the TSA started forming, the feds sent in a guy to Albuquerque to run the effort.  He was a young slick looking fed of some sort and he was an arrogant and scary guy.  He was an extension of cheney.  I could see where this would end up.  It is a sad era for America.

Former APD Police Chief Schultz might need one of those armored assault vehicles that the Homeland Security boys have been handing over to local cop shops.  His sweetheart deal with Tazer to supply Albuquerque with cameras etc., will now start getting some real scrutiny.  The no bid $2 million contract he signed might get him in real trouble.

Now, and I will not let this go, why have we not learned how the suspect who shot a police dog was killed?  If it wasn't, as stated by APD by a gunshot, then what happened?  Maybe it was explainable.  I am getting the feeling that the lack of information means they don't want to explain it.  Where is the media on this?


Anonymous said...

Coleman's Journal article on the Feds militarizing of APD was disgusting and seriously undermined because of how much ink, coverage and credibility it gave to Darren White who left the City in disgrace. It looked like Coleman and the Journal were trying to rehabilitate White's image.

White has always had a shoot them first and ask questions latter mentality, even as Sherriff. When he first was appointed Chief Public Safety officer, he told a reporter he was a "lock em up and throw away the key kind of guy", reflecting ignorance of our Constitution and Judicial system as if an arrest was a conviction.

Do not forget that under White's watch as Albuquerque's Chief Public Safety Officer there were some 24 officer involved shootings with 18 fatalities. After the shootings, White would appear before City Council to justify the shootings. White's failed leadership is one of the biggest reasons DOJ is here today. White was also the one that aggressively went after the homeless authorizing APD to "take the gloves off" and make arrests to "clean up" downtown. The City recently paid out over $800,000 in settlement money over the treatment of the homeless by White and his APD.

Just seeing Darren Whit's disgusting smug photo on A-3 turned my stomach. Surely Coleman could have found better federal law enforcement people to quote for his story. But no, the Journal just had to go for comment from a GOP disgraced operative.

Anonymous said...

The last I recall reading about this was on March 25th and KOAT was predictably more interested in the fate of the dog:

The man suspected of shooting K-9 officer Rico has been identified.

Rico, 4, was wounded during a Friday SWAT standoff. The standoff was with a burglary suspect and it was the first time the pup had been injured in the line of duty.

Dale Anthony Lusian, 56, was trying to burglarize a northeast Albuquerque business, according to police, before eventually barricading himself in a building near Oakland Avenue and San Pedro Drive....

Lusian was found dead by officers who entered the building shortly after after Rico ran out.

Police said none of the officers had fired their weapons. They are releasing no other details about the incident at this time

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it isn't just the Journal that is letting White look good while ignoring his past. Recently, Russell Contreras sought White for a quote about the DOJ report and White said, to paraphrase, that it was time for Albuquerque to leave the "wild west" behind.

Don't forget that White was at Mary Han's home on November 18, 2010 directing officers on how to cover up what could have been a murder scene. He had no reason to be there.

Bubba Muntzer said...

That was a good article.

Besides what you and he say, and the billions wasted with nothing to show for it while social programs and research and education and everything else were being slashed, it's still chilling to me that there's a US government agency with the word homeland in the title. Every time I see it or hear it I hear the echoes of jack boots on cobblestone.

9/11 put a serious warp in the American psyche, from the outlandish displays of emotionalism to the torture and wars and the extra judicial presidential assassinations by drone to the meek acceptance of domestic spying and of the theft of our future by Wall Street and Washington criminals.

Not 9/11 so much as how it's been used as internal propaganda. It's a sight to behold to see the media and political class, when something like that happens, quickly find the common chord and fall into orderly columns and array themselves, right to left, and funnel into the narrow street their paymasters have laid out, a street paved with cobblestone.

Anonymous said...

Contact the OMI office. Many of their records are public. They are easy to deal with. Give the dead guys name and they should give you the cause of death. They will tell you what Eden will not.

Anonymous said...

Agree that this case needs looking into. I don't think OMI has determined a cause of death yet. From the few facts that have been disclosed -- it seems more likely that the deceased shot himself by accident, when he was being attacked by the dog, then on purpose.

Jim Baca said...

he did not die of gunshot wounds according to police statements. that is why this is so weird.