Monday, April 07, 2014

A Tax Saving Idea

Since we can no longer abide the editorial performance of the Albuquerque Journal's neo con Editor and owners, the Lang family, we should at least extract some sort of pain from this publication.  In this day and age the state and local governments of New Mexico pay a fortune for legal advertising in the Journal.  Why should that be happening in the year 2014 when some enterprising person might just open a website that would do so just as efficiently and at about 10% of the cost?  Sure, there would  have to be some sort of legislation passed in the State Capitol and City Halls, but I can imagine that a law that gives an option for online legal ads would be good.  And while we are at it, lets start charging a gross receipts tax on the sale of newspapers.  Why should they be in the same category as food and medicine?  Well, I guess they would qualify as bad medicine.

Seriously, when one feels helpless in the face of barrels of ink, there are ways to get some satisfaction.  


Anonymous said...

Good point! It’s time to work around this manipulative machine.

Wise observers know that the journal is nothing more than a propaganda machine for Mitler and Bitler “crafted” (interesting choice of word that Bitler used when referring to his belated plan at the DOJ please help me press conference), crafted, by Jitler.

Anonymous said...


If we as a society DEMAND this, not just from our police department, but from our leaders, our media, who we associate with and in our financial dealings, we will succeed in having these values restored in our society.


Anonymous said...

Where are all of the artists in NM that can do cartooning? There is so much fodder here for a political cartoonist, I wish I could draw. We need some good political cartoon satire!

How about the police department doing a heil Hitler to Berry?

Anonymous said...

The Nazi/Hitler thing is silly. They are just incompetent boobs.

Anonymous said...

A Gross Receipts Tax on newspapers sold would only be passed on to the carriers who contract with the Albuquerque Publishing Company to deliver the Journal as well as the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. The publishing company would also lower the rates paid to the carriers as it did when the price of paper rose and gasoline prices rose. Today the carriers gross 29% of the subscription rate. They previously grossed 33.3%. After federal and state taxes, your carrier is making about $8/hour for getting up at 3 every morning in order to deliver your paper by 6 AM.

Jim Baca said...

So, they don't pay tax and still screw the people at the bottom. it sort of makes my point.

Anonymous said...

Who reads the physical newspaper anymore? It's a dinosaur. If you haven't already, my suggestion is to start looking for another line of work.