Tuesday, April 15, 2014


The fundraising reports for statewide offices came in yesterday.  The democratic primary for Governor is showing that all the candidates together can't match Governor Susana Martinez's fossil fuel funded campaign.  My take on the Dems is that Gary King has no money left, (what has he spent it on?), Alan Webber of Santa Fe is using his wealth to get a leg up on the other candidates.  And that Lawrence Rael  had a respectable showing.  The guy who won the State Democratic Primary Nominating convention has raised peanuts.  Howie Morales proves that the Convention is no indicator of an ability to run a well funded campaign.  The Governor's $5 million fund will only grow out of sight as the Koch brothers and their ilk start funding independent advertising to make all the Dems look like left wing commies.

The right wing crazy rancher in Nevada, Clive Bundy,  and his terrorist and assault rifle armed militia friends have once agains said 'screw you' to the American middle class taxpayer.  He refuses to pay for grazing his desert killing cows on BLM lands.  This guy has been a dangerous presence in that state and seems to want his standoff to end up in violence.  The BLM backed down from collecting his million dollar debt to American citizens once again.  It was wise for the feds to back off a little, but that money needs to be collected and he needs to be thrown off the land, which isn't his.  It is public land.


Anonymous said...

The Berry re-election for Mayor is the blue print campaign for the Susana Martinez re-election campaign. Martinez has already hired virtually all of Berry's paid re-election staff, including Berry's campaign manager, spokesman and strategist, all who are Jay McClusky people.

Susana has already started to run her warm and fuzzy ads ("She's Our Governor") about herself and then she will turn nasty and ugly on her Democrat opponent once the final nominee emerges. No doubt McClusky has almost completed the opposition research on King, Rael, Weber and maybe Morales and Lopez. A "hot button" poll will be done on what negatives will sell to nock down the Democrat nominee numbers. McClusky will once again want to suppress Democrats from voting like in the Mayor's race and will spend whatever it takes to suppress the Democrat vote. Money will be funneled to State Representative races to make the house go Republican.

Watch while virtually all our Federal Democratic Congressional delegation sit back, say nothing and do nothing to help the Democrat nominee for Governor and raise money only for themselves. Heinrick is already raising money for himself for his re-election campaign in 4 years following the self center ways of Udall and Bingaman who have never helped other candidates, or for that matter the Democratic party, raise any significant amount of money. Heinrick has the most to loose with a Martinez re-election in that Susana has already said she had dreams of being a US Senator long before ever being Governor. I use to have high hopes for Heinrick, but he has become too much of a clone of Udall and Bingaman by never being critical of New Mexico Republican elected officials so as not to offend them.

Unless there is a major scandal, event or indictment involving the Martinez Administration, the Democratic Nomination may not be worth much, even though all five democrats running would do a better job than Martinez. The Democrats will once again believe the propaganda that all is well and vote against their bests interest or not vote at all.

Donald F Schiff said...

Here's the money totals excluding self-donations and loans:

Webber - $361+K
Morales - $148K
Rael - $146K
King - $129+K
Lopez - $28K

Howie spent more than Rael, but he hasn't lent himself nearly as much, either. Expect that to change soon. Howie will have his TV. He has personal wealth, and he will have to use some in order to keep pace with Rael.

Gary King and Linda Lopez are DOA. Gary has better name recognition, but he has alienated almost every Democratic constituency at one time or another. Linda can't raise money to save her life. No $ = no TV = no votes.

Allan Webber was wise to spend his own money early. It set the stage for a big haul. Of course he has to buy name recognition, but so do Rael and Morales, and Webber is sitting on a much bigger pile of cash. Look for professional, effective ads from his campaign, too. The man knows how to hire talent. He also knows how to listen to good advice.

Anonymous said...