Wednesday, April 23, 2014


One can only wonder if Susana Martinez or her minions have some one on obscure committee payrolls who also happen to work for the news media.  KRQE TV news, who have done a good job recently on the APD killings, also seems to be consistently doing a bad job on fair coverage of the Governor's race in New Mexico.

Decades ago during the chaos of the 60's and the Viet Nam war, many young people turned radical in protests and actions.  One of them lives in Albuquerque.  That would be Mark Rudd, a former radical leader in the 'Weather Underground' organization who set off bombs.  Not good stuff.  But 50 years later the news operation at Channel 13 is trying to paint the campaign of Alan Webber as evil because Rudd and his wife held a fundraiser for Webber.  Rudd has lived in Albuquerque for many years and retired as a teacher.  He had long ago disavowed violence and led a good life here.

But someone in the Martinez camp got someone at Channel 13 to muddy up Webber because of the fundraiser.  All it takes is connections to someone who decides what gets covered in that troubled newsroom.  And probably this is only the beginning.  The amount of money that the Martinez folks will get from right wing committees will keep this kind of thing happening over and over.  And truth will have little to do with what is spattered up against your TV screens.

Retired Justice John Paul Stevens has written a book which calls for some constitutional amendments in this country.  The most important, in my opinion,  is the one that would essentially take corporate money out of politics and set limits on how much anyone could give to a candidate.  The middle class and the poor in the United States will continue to suffer until such an amendment is passed.  Or we will sooner or later an arrival at a tipping point in which people truly take to the streets and tear the country apart.    Like Mark Rudd and  his young friends tried to do in the 60's.  History repeats itself.


Anonymous said...

KRQE Executive Producer Tim Maestas is very tight with Susana's Deputy Chief of Staff Scott Darnell.

Anonymous said...

Scott Darnell is not the problem as much as Jay McClusky. KRQE news director Paul Burt still has strong ties with Darren White, despite his Burt's denial. Darren White is still part of Jay McClusky's group of political hacks. When Jay needs interference done at KRQE he still calls Darren. The GOP seems to have tremendous influence over KRQE and the Journal. Only when Darren White and Jay McClusky get hit with pay to play over the Dirty Downs Deal will things change. Now that Greg Forrat is gone from the US Attorneys office, rumor has it that evidence will now be presented to the grand jury over the Dirty Downs Deal.

Anonymous said...

Have you wondered where Larry Barker has been hiding out? If he were worth anything, he'd be front and center.

Regina Ruiz is aggressive in her reporting. Go Regina! I appreciate your effort in bringing truth to this crisis.

Anonymous said...

Martinez is running ads Univision lying to the Spanish-speaking audience. They are used to this kind of politics in Mexico and should see the truth about her. They will say “show me the money.”

KRQE must be pandering to the right-wing old people who only watch the 4pm news and then go to bed. They barely brushed over the APD conference today. HELLO!

At least they posted the complete press conference on their website.

Anonymous said...

Finally, KRQE kicks the corruption at APD in the head. Emails and night club party tickets for Ray Schultz and Friends so long as Taser gets the $2,000,000 contract. Will the DoJ and NM AG investigate now? How about the City Council? Will they demand an investigation? Or do they just accept that they are "greased" by Schultz? And how about the terrified look on Rob Perry's face. Culture of Corruption and KRQE just exposed it. What more proof does the DoJ and NM AG need? INvestigate pay to play with taser!