Monday, April 28, 2014


I need to apologize.  I should have taken action 15 years ago when Mayor to encourage competition in franchises for the cable companies in Albuquerque.  I guess I just didn't see where things would be in this now, vital industry.

The big corporate Internet boys just screwed us again.  Besides wanting to get bigger, as in the Comcast and Time Warner merger, they have now used their minions and money to do away with 'net neutrality' at the FCC, which is headed by their former lobbyist.  Essentially this means the people with the most money will get better Internet service.  President Obama has to stop this action if legally possible.

Now, if there were any real local leaders out there in New Mexico they would be thinking, "I can't let our poor state be screwed by these corporate assholes.  We need some competition."  But, with our current Governor Martinez and Mayor Berry you will not hear a peep because they are not big thinkers nor are they willing to upset their corporate masters.  And frankly, I am upset with the lack of action out of our congressional delegation.  

State and local governments should be investing in publicly owned Internet service.  Expensive?  Yes,  but in the long run it would be a great boon to our residents because a strangled Internet will drag down our economy even more.  And those folks who currently can't afford Comcast's and others outrageous and uncontrolled rates will even be further from getting online.

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